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Digital Ocean: How to Host Your Websites Hassle Free

In this video, Nando Cardoso and Eu are going to show you how simple and easy it is to host your websites on the Digital Ocean hosting server, all this spending very little and getting much more performance than traditional hosts like hostgator and locaweb.

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Digital Ocean: What You Need to Know to Host Your Websites?

To host your websites on Digital Ocean , initially you will only need to create an account on the Digital Ocean website, this process is smooth, just register and validate your account, remember that you will need to add your credit card details, but rest assured no amount will be debited until the 60 days trial expires. NOTE: a security validation will be done where digital ocean makes a debit on your credit card, but after a few hours it is reversed.

Why Use CloudFlare in conjunction with Digital Ocean?

CloudFlare is a service that allows you to manage your domain DNS and email MX, offering security services, WAF, firewall and improvements in the website's performance and cache system.

I recommend whenever possible point your domains to CloudFlare and thus ensure more security to your websites. We will have to create a FREE cloudflare account and add our website to it, as explained in the video.

Why use Agius Cloud as a Digital Ocean Control Panel?

Agius Cloud is a service that provides a dashboard that connects through a simple configuration API. After configuring it, you will be able to create your websites in a simple and practical way with just a few clicks.

In the video above we show how this entire configuration process works.

We would like to recommend Agius Cloud as it is a Brazilian company and has excellent support and serves everyone in Portuguese.

Choose the plan that best suits your business and presto, now you won't have to worry about fancy and complicated settings via SSH or something like that, just a few clicks and you'll put any domain or subdomain up and running.


We know that there are dozens of options and ways to host websites in the digital ocean, this is one that we like to teach you, because in addition to being simple and practical, it has a low general understanding curve and anyone will be able to adjust their settings in greater problems. Digital Ocean is one of the best cost benefits in the VPS and Dedicated hosting market with scalable Upgrade possibilities.

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