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Elemailer – Personalized Email Message with Elementor PRO

Elemailer Lite

In this tutorial I want to show you a way to customize messages sent through Elementor Pro forms in WordPress, using a plugin called Elemailer Lite . Through this plugin you'll be able to create super customized templates with the convenience of page builder element pro without having to use any line of CSS code to style or format these messages sent through contact forms.

Watch the video and learn this super tip for customizing email messages with Elementor on WordPress.

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Why create a Custom Email Message?

The main reason for creating a personalized e-mail message is the ease of viewing the message by the recipient. Another point is the user experience when seeing that a message of this type can better identify the data sent, keeping it organized and visually professional.

Another interesting point is that by creating a personalized email message for the forms on your customers' websites, you stand out from the competition that doesn't bother to handle this type of data with more care.

Nowadays, what differs one professional from another is not the level of knowledge, yes that is part of it, but what differs even in the real world is how concerned this professional is with the client's brand and their experience in relation to the work that this one offers. A personalized email message can give you a lot of good points with your next customers, I'm sure if you implement this improvement your customers will notice right away and you'll be congratulated for your proactivity.

Is Elemailer Lite Plugin Free?

Yes, it is free and can be installed on WordPress and used to develop pages in page builder Elementor PRO.

What is the main advantage of Elemailer Lite?

This plugin allows you to create any design without using CSS coding, that is, through the page builder element you develop your page templates and configure your forms to send messages using the template you developed, all without needing to know programming.

Download Elemailer Lite

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