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What is Custom Post Type?

Custom Post Type: What is it? What is it for?

Watch the video below and find out what Jet Engine is and what its features are

Custom Post Type, as in the translation, Custom Post Type is a feature that allows WordPress developers to create new data models based on the post structure.

It is well known that WordPress treats just about everything, Pages, Portfolios, Posts and Testimonials as being a custom type of Posts Functionality within the WordPress system.

In short, everything is inherited from the posts structure. With that in mind you could create modules for various purposes as per your need.

Practical example

Imagine that you are asked to develop a website for a car shop, or a website for real estate. So you think, with wordpress you can't do it, because you can't register data of this type because you would need custom fields to store the data of these types of segments, such as: color, model, brand, number of rooms, city, neighborhood, etc. …

Well, a custom post type is that, that's when, you need to create a CRUD to save data and manipulate it in wordpress without having to use the POSTS item that is used for blogs and things like that.

You could think about going to ThemeForest or TemplateMonster and buying a ready-made theme, which was often made using native wordpress programming, or even using unknown plugins that are difficult to understand and customize, as buying from these sources is all in English.

So you come to the conclusion that the only way is to program in PHP or some more powerful language to create such a system, however, sometimes you may not be an expert programmer to the point of mastering BackEnd and FrontEnd right?

Calm down, there is a solution, and the best of all is within reach of anyone who knows the least wordpress.

CrocoBlock a company that has been gaining market for a while, released a tool called Jet Engine , with this plugin everything I tried to explain above is possible to do, and the best, without using a line of code.

If you want to know more about the Jet Engine Click on the image below and check out my article about the Jet Engine and Jet SmartFilters.

Want to see examples made with Jet Engine using custom posts types?

Website for Vehicle Stores

Real Estate Website

Site for Technical Assistance

Invest in your knowledge!

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