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Jet SmartFilters: What is it? What is it for?

Watch the video below and find out what Jet Engine is and what its features are

As the name says, Jet SmartFilters or Smart Filters this plugin from Crocoblock's Jet line is truly a very useful resource in building dynamic websites, whether using custom post types, native or using woocommerce.

To better understand what it is about, I like to give examples:

Imagine that you are creating a real estate website, you will probably need to create a filter panel so that you can find properties by their respective characteristics. Ex: Number of Rooms, Bathrooms, City, Neighborhood, Price Range and Parking Spaces, right?

Because the Jet SmartFilters comes precisely to make this type of construction incredibly easy. With the help of SmartFilters you can create a filter for each type of field, allowing this field to be of any type eg Select box, Search Field, Check Box, Radio Button or Slide Range.

Now imagine the possibilities of creating websites with the integration of Jet Engine, which allows you to create custom post types and much more. With this combination you will be able to create any type of website that needs dynamic registrations and custom data search.

Examples of possible applications with Jet SmartFilters and Jet Engine

  1. Website for Vehicle Stores
  2. Website for real estate
  3. Guides and Classifieds Site
  4. Recipe Site
  5. Virtual Stores
  6. Miscellaneous Services Site
  7. Catalog website

All this and more, just let your imagination take you...

Still don't know what Jet Engine is? Click here and understand what it is for

In short, Jet SmartFilters will allow you to develop much more dynamic websites, with custom search systems without using code and programming languages.

See some examples where I used JetSmart Filters and Jet Engine:

Website for Vehicle Stores

Real Estate Website

Site for Technical Assistance

Invest in your knowledge!

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I developed a course where I teach all about these tools, learn how to create dynamic and highly parameterized websites to facilitate information management, giving high management power to your customers.

Jet SmartFilters + Jet Engine Training

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